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BCA Logic Acquired by Jensen Hughes
BCA Logic was acquired by Jensen Hughes, the largest specialist fire and safety engineering firm in the world, in September 2021.
A respected global leader in safety, security and risk-based engineering and consulting, Jensen Hughes employs more than 1,400 people across 100 countries. This acquisition marks the company’s entry into the Australian market and speaks to BCA Logic’s experience and expertise in building legislation and regulations, fire, accessibility, and energy consulting.
Partnering with Jensen Hughes allows BCA Logic to further advance our capabilities in all aspects of fire safety engineering and support our clients with an expanded range of complementary services. Both companies share a commitment to technical excellence and exceptional client service.

BCA Logic Pty Limited is a team of professional Building Regulations and Fire Safety Engineering Consultants providing a regulatory advice and design consultancy service including BCA Compliance Certification to all spheres of the building industry, including both private and public sectors.

Through team work and an innovative approach to building design, BCA Logic Pty. Limited utilises the flexibilities and opportunities available within the Performance Regulations to assist in the economic undertaking of building development.

The objective of BCA Logic Pty. Limited is to provide a consultancy to the building industry including the public sector authorities, with a prime focus on facilitating and expediting the building approvals process by ensuring that building proposals both satisfy the regulatory provisions and also the requirements of the approval authority.

Our services
*Building Condition Audits of existing buildings;
*Building Regulation advice during the schematic and design development stages of projects;
*Assessment of design proposals against the provisions of the Building Code of Australia (BCA);
*Preparation of Alternative Solutions as a means of satisfying the Performance Requirements of BCA;
*Peer Reviewing Alternative Solutions to ensure compliance with Performance Requirements of BCA is achieved;
*Identification of possible economical design options that will ensure compliance with building regulations;
*Fire and Life Safety Engineering design and assessment in accordance with “The Fire Engineering Guidelines” and “worlds best practice”, including the utilisation of computer modelling techniques;
*Government Certification Approvals under relevant state/territory building acts and regulations;
*Fire and life safety inspections of existing buildings in order to formulate acceptable upgrading strategies;
*Assessment and reporting on adaptable housing requirements for residential buildings show compliance with teh relevant council codes and policies and AS4299-1995 "Adaptable Housing";
*ACP combustible cladding assessments;