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Advance Building Approvals Pty Ltd is a building certification and building regulations consultancy practice.

Through our experience in the building and development industry, we have derived a strong belief that an accurate, reliable and prompt approval of building designs and completed works plays a crucial role in the successful delivery of those fine projects that clients entrusted on building professionals like us.

We value this belief and made it the company’s mission to ensure, as building certifiers and building regulations consultants, that we will assist our clients to build a complying building that meets all statutory requirements and yet within the time and budget limits.

With the extensive experience we have acquired in a diversified range of development projects, we have put together a range of building certification and consultation services that can be tailored to suit our clients’ needs.

As a result of ongoing planning legislative reforms relating to private certification that was introduced since 1998, significant amendments to building and planning regulations were implemented. One of our missions is to utilise our expertise to assist our clients and offer workable solutions to suit their building needs while going through the regulation maze to obtain building approvals.