Commissioning Testing of Hydrants

Join the AAC and Prime Pumps for a practical demonstration on 'Commissioning Testing of Hydrants".


Monday, 27 November 2023 - Commissioning Testing of Hydrants

 3 x 1.5 hour sessions running across the day



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Fire hydrant commissioning to Australian Standard AS2419.1- 2021 ensures, that the fire hydrant system have been designed and installed correctly.

The AAC and Prime Pumps will be hosting an on-site seminar to discuss the implication of changes in certification and commissioning of fire hydrants systems under AS2419.1-2021. Also, learn how to perform a hydrostatic pressure test and testing each fire pump set. A hands-on session will be included on hose handling and demonstration of drafting from a static water source. 

Learning Outcomes & Observations

  • Commissioning Test
  • Hydrostatic (pressure) test - Calculate the actual test pressure, determine correct testing method for various pipe material, determine make-up water allowance
  • Section 10 - AS2419.1-2021
  • Testing each pump set, and the booster assembly / system by a fire truck, from the most disadvantaged hydrants, open-ended hose testing
  • Understanding commissioning report
  • Hydrant and hose handling (expect to get wet)
  • Possibility of Drafting from static water source 
  • Understanding the importance of drainage
  • AS 2419.1 - 2005 & 2419.1 -2021


Attendance Requirements

Select your preferred session time (max 30 per session)  

Please wear your PPE to attend. If not, your registration will be cancelled and no entry allowed. 

  • Boots/closed in non-slip shoes
  • Hi-Vis Vest
  • Hearing protection
  • Hat/sunscreen
  • Water to stay hydrated

Meeting Point - Gate 1

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to session start time and wait for team member. Please DO NOT enter without a team member
  • Your attendance will be marked & PPE checked
  • A brief WHS site induction by team member